Everest : the debrief

Everest : the debrief
October 5, 2015 Laura Kressmann


The  movie that will make you shiver !

Hélène Delaunay: So what are your first impressions, I can’t breathe anymore, you?

Laura Kressmann: I am still freezing  and I a bit blind.

HD: I guess regarding the dramatical tension, this is doing the job, Cliffhanger is far behind now on the mountain catrastrophy genre movie. But, what the hell did those dudes choose to get in such shitty place for?

LK: Actually, the movie brings a bit of an answer, but I cannot say more. But, let’s talk about the true reason why we went to watch EVEREST?

HD: Jake! Always impressive, with a totally crazy character, but SHHhhh.

LK: Which thanksfully compensated Keira’s acting…

HD: Maybe, but she made me cry a little, I confess (#ShameOnMe) Let’s talk about serious business, who directed the movie?

LK: The director is named, Baltasar Kormakur, he is an actor & an director from Iceland who does a little bit of everything actually; TV shows, movies and plays. However, with EVEREST he is playing bigger now this great cast and the challenge to shoot in such conditions. By the way, did you know that most of the scenes were shot outside, in real conditions in Italy, Iceland and Nepal? On the set, the temparature could dropped to minus 4 degres ! So you must have pretty motivated & trained actors on your cast. And here comes Jake! Jake Gyllenhaal took his character preparation seriously as usual ( like lastly with: Southpaw) #JakeWillHaveHisAwardForThat So involved in his character that he almost got lost with his friend Josh Brolin when they were hiking near Santa Monica before the shooting. #crazy So yes a first choice cast!

HD: I totally agree ! With Josh Brolin (Labor Day) and the New Zealander Jason Clarke (Zero Dark Thirty) plus for the fun fact; you have also Elizabeth Debicki from The Man from UNCLE Mia Goth from Nymphomaniac & Martin Henderson from Bride and Prejudice. For the others: just give a look at the poster #SoManyFamousFaces

LK: Let’s talk about a touchy topic: 3D or 2D?

HD: OMG, I’m so pissed!

1/ First, this is a converted 3D as you can watch it in 2D in some theater: and you can tell watching that it is

2/ Maybe for the 2 scenes when you are scared of the height, sure! but for the others, it’s,  as usual, totally useless & only darkens the picture. Wake up! 3D glasses are dark! The perfect example for this is for the movie Everything Will Be Fineyou couldn’t see a thing! Ok, the snow is white but still.

LK: Indeed, what a shame! When most of the scenes are shot outside with the actors performing in real conditions. Why choosing to convert the image into 3D when the altitude was offering an incredible potential for the photopraphy?

Crossing fingers the Walk (starring Joseph-Gordon Levitt) won’t be the same.

So go watch it in 2D (and it’s cheaper ;))

HD: One more thing, I wanna know how bad the actors had to struggle and train to play in EVEREST?

LK: As most of the scenes were shot in real conditions, the actors were able to have a pretty good idea on what their characters came through when  they climbed the summit. Between the wait without gloves, the intense training to get the bodies used to the height, the weird encounter a wild beast – it was a yak – and the escape from the avalanche, the set was challenging!

Actually, Josh explains in an interview that, at the beginning of the shooting, he was in same state of mind of his character, not exactly knowing how far and how high he will have to go for this movie.


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Because cheer up for the team spirit and the craziness of the guys, we relate to this attitude! But it’s still a bit extreme for us !

#Dudechick, what’s that ? 

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