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Charity Projects

Projects like short films require great team effort, technical gear & device for the best result. Your help contributes to make all of this happen.

How to Say Thank You

As your donation is directly linked to the success of Movie Guide Me projects, if you get involved, you will see your name in the credits of the movie you helped fund!

Respectful of the Opportunity

Donate is an act of trustin what we are and mostly in what we can be. Aware of what represents such a generous contribution, we commit to transparently use every donation.


Movie Guide Me Prod mostly relies on providing technical gear from the development to the release for the people who want to realize a video content. The money is usually used in rating camera, sound operator device, etc… the costs and time of the shooting and editing.

Support Day-to-Day Operational needs

To obviously maintain a minimum quality and maintenance of the online platform and other day-to-day operational needs, your contribution can also help provide the basic of Movie Guide Me organization.

It’s Safe

Thanks to the paypal platform, you don’t have to worry about online transfert.

For any question related, feel free to contact us.


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