From Reyjavik, Iceland

I love seeing flashing lightsabers in a galaxy far far away. I love seeing small hairy men trying to destroy a piece of jewelry. I love seeing two British men run from zombies, trying to get to their favorite pub. And so much more.

I love seeing stories on screen. Movies were always a part of escapism for me. Whenever I was down I could put on a film and transcend to outer space with Luke, Leia, and Han. Films could take me away for 2 plus hours and make me forget whatever it was that was bothering me. As I got older (and hopefully wiser) movies started to represent different things for me. They were gateways to worlds very different from my own. Not necessarily in space but all over the world. People with stories like mine. Or people with stories that are completely different from mine. There is always a story and I want to see it.

I love all things horror but I haven’t always loved it. When I was about 12 years old I saw my first horror film: Jaws directed by Steven Spielberg. To this day, I have never been more terrified. I developed a lifelong fear of sharks. I vowed never to watch a horror film again. But something kept pulling me back in. The dark was always more fascinating than anything else. I watched The Exorcist, The Omen, Night of the Living Dead, The Blair Witch Project. My friends did not share this passion with me which meant I usually had to watch horror films alone and I still think that is the best way to take in a horror film.

I also have a passion for comedies. Especially British and French comedies. As a teenager, I was raised on Jim Carrey and the American Pie movies. Nowadays, American comedies don’t really interest me much except for Seth Rogen and James Franco and their crew. My childhood hero, idol and the funniest person was Jackie Chan and his films will always have a special place in my heart.

I will try to be your guide in the darkness. Because being a horror fan is no easy task. To know where the “best” nightmares are. And know to avoid Uwe Boll.