Dudechick, what’s that?

Dudechick, what is it exactly? 

This is a way of being, of thinking, an energy, an enthusiasm, a Best Being that tends to be positive, to share, to live with humor while assuming your personality.

This concept took life thanks to friendship and meetings we made. It’s not about dudes against chicks, on the contrary! Our references, experiences and projects are the foundation of this concept that applies to our charity everyday life.

What is this #dudechick %?

If you have already read some of our reviews, you probably saw it. The #Dudechick indicator shows how much dudechick the movie is.  Not to say, this is completely subjective grade saying how much we like the movie or how much it corresponds to our concept. For instance, a film can have a 4 or 5 in an “objective” way (good scenario, great interpretation, nice directing…) but get a low dudechick grade as we won’t watch it twice.

Quite cool for you guys! You can rely on technical and “objective” grade and another considering our taste…. that might also match yours ! By the way, don’t hesitate to share them with us!

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But no need to say further, let the visuals speak for themselves….

Being Dudechick it’s…

Mess around but always with class!

To be SWAG in every circumstances

Always gratify people with a smile

To like team work and being focused

To go out with your pack

To be resourceful… or stubborn

To master a humor full of references

To play video vames with modesty & fair play

To dance the winning routine

To appreciate simple things

Or way more sophisticated

To remain totally obsessed by a movie hours after watching it

To often cross path with famous people & still be fascinated

And then, meet them at events

To share & enjoy together last day of filming party

To take part in crazy frenzies & be cool with it

To surprise with your nerdiness

To have the most natural reaction when you don’t have Wifi access

To be up for challenges & discovering new things

To always keep moving

To express yourself…. even by singing

To believe in your capability

To be able to rely on improvisation & spontaneity

To cheer up for girl power

To always stay motivated

To constantly speak half French half English

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