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Feeling of a Kill

Technical Film Summary:

  •  Co-directors: Laura Kressmann & Hélène Delaunay 
  •   Story by : Sidonie Guenault & Adapted by Laura Kressmann & Hélène Delaunay 
  •   Lead Actors: Sidonie Guenault, Julia Marras, Céline Giraud, Julien Tréfeu 
  •  Score: Nicolas Kressmann
  •   Perchman: Sinan Bozkurt 
  •  Script Girl: Priscilla Ruffe 

    The pitch:

    A Parisian woman waits for the bus as every morning. Unless on this particular day, she wonders how it would feel to kill somebody. She may have to find out for real…




    Technical Film Summary:

  •  Director: Laura Kressmann 
  •   Screenplay: Priscilla Ruffe & Hélène Delaunay 
  •  Lead Actors: Hélène Delaunay, Benoit Even, Priscilla Ruffe, Adrien Gateau, Maelle Lucas 
  • Perchman: Sinan Bozkurt 
  •   Script Girl: Caroline Corn 
  •  Post-production: Sinan Bozkurt, Laura Kressmann, Hélène Delaunay 
  • The pitch :

    A woman who lost the ability to speak share her everyday life and her unsual and funny take on it.

               “You should not dream your movie, you should make it.”                                                              

                                               Steven Spielberg