Trainwreck from Judd Apatow

Trainwreck from Judd Apatow
November 6, 2015 Tara Antle

A coming of age story for the adult who hasn’t grown up.

Trainwreck was a movie I wanted to love. Directed by Judd Apatow, who happens to be responsible for some of my favourite failed television shows such as Freaks and Geeks, as well as some previously hilarious movies such as Knocked Up and Forgetting Sarah Marshall my hopes were high. This film was not only written by Amy Schumer it stars her as self-named character Amy. To be fair this, movie was based on Schumer’s life while she was having a less than noble life. If you haven’t heard of Schumer, she’s Hollywood’s newest “not It” girl. Schumer is not conventionally Hollywood gorgeous, funny, and awkward in a Jennifer Lawrence way. Side note: Schumer and Jennifer are currently working on writing a movie together. Knowing me, I’ll watch it. Yet another reason I wanted to love this movie, Schumer is an everyday woman.

The plot in two seconds: Amy and her sister Kim (Brie Larson) receive advice as children that monogamy is for suckers and for a lot of people out there this advice is pretty sound. Brie Larson , if you haven’t heard of her I need you to check out the film Short Term 12 or the television show United States of Tara. Kim forgoes the advice and settles down with a family. Amy on the other hand takes this advice to heart although she does date Steven (John Cena), but it isn’t exclusive.

This film also stars Tilda Swinton as Amy’s boss Dianna, Bill Hader as Amy’s love interest Dr. Aaron Conners, and LeBron James as well… LeBron James. Trainwreck is launching LeBron’s acting career and I wasn’t sure what to expect, but he is funny and has great comedic timing. The jokes come fast and funny during Trainwreck, Lebron wasn’t the only one with comedic timing in the cast. Director Judd Apatow knows how to set up a scene to keep the laughs coming. The soundtrack has a mix of fun hiphop and pop songs with some feel good 90’s music that are instantly recognizable for viewers. Whenever Redfoo can be heard you know things are going to get wild and slightly drunk for Amy and her fellow characters.

The problem with Trainwreck is that the movie starts out telling the story about a single woman leading her life and ends up a goopy romantic mess. The movie becomes too much about a dysfunctional relationship and Amy’s character gets lost and boring. I think this leaves a negative impact on viewers because everyone has had a friend like this, who changes because of a relationship. Trainwreck had everything it needed to be a funny breakout film for Schumer but blew its chances. I’ll wait to see what she and Jennifer Lawrence can do together.

Is it #DudeChick certified ?

While this movie lacks a respectable ending, it does bring the laughs until the last half hour. I also fear giving John Cena less than 75%.

#Dudechick, what’s that ? 

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