Sandra Bugeon

Sandra Bugeon


From Rouen, France

Occasional reviewer for Movie Guide Me, I work in real estate, I have a master’s degree in Ethnology, I’m also a mom & I practice boxing !

I know it’s a weird combo !

I love cinema, spending time watching a good movie that entertains me, makes me laugh or cry.

But I hate losing my time with a bad movie.


Sandra Regardin 2


That’s me, I’m impatient in general and with movies in particular. Plus, I have strong opinions ! Therefore, I’m glad to join a team of people that are not afraid to speak their minds !

Why did I choose to become a reviewer ? Firstly, because I love to express my opinions ! Secondly, because one could say I’m a movie binge watcher . That gives me a good knowledge of movies starting from Star Wars & Dark Cristal, through the Rocky & Die Hard movies, to Westerns & Peplums. That’s for my childhood.

Then it was Wayne’s World, Austin Powers, American History X, Danny Balint, Primal Fear, Fight Club, The Silence of the Lambs.

Forthe more recent movies, I like Inception, Warrior & The Drop. What do they have in common? TOM HARDY !

I plead guilty, I love him! He is an excellent actor and even though I wasn’t very into the character of Charles Bronson, he did a wonderful performance. I mean, find a better actor and let’s discuss about it ! It’s possible that I might find him attractive too but that’s a different story (it’s my chick side in my #dudechick persona) Anyway!

Where was I? Yes! I also love Alejandro Gonzalez Inarritu (Babel, 21 Grams, Amores Perros), Tarantino, Clint Eastwood, Oliver Stone (Savages), David Cronenberg (History of Violence), Peter Jackson (except Bad Taste, no need to argue with me ha!), and adaptations from de Denis Lehane’s books (Mystic River, Shutter Island, The Drop) etc, etc, etc…

Here’s a little excerpt of my taste in movies, looking forward to share it with you!

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