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December 6, 2013 Priscilla Ruffe

Let’s back for a few moments in our childhood with the Disney Christmas film: Frozen! (by the creators of Tangled and inspired by Andersen’s tale The Snow Queen).

This story is about Anna, Queen Elsa’s sister, who is looking for her after she plunged the whole kingdom of Arendelle into an eternal snow in the middle month of July. On her way, Anna will meet Kristoff, his reindeer Sven and Olaf a personified snowman. Frightened by her own powers and thinking to be a real danger to others, Elsa does not wish to return to her kingdom. But the danger is somewhere else…

 Frozen is a good animated film and you can spend a good relaxing time by watching it even if some particular things make us almost go 20 years back and waiting for the appearance of Simba, Timon, Pumba, Zazou and the others, because even though the story takes place in the Fjord of Scandinavia, the overture sounds the Lion King one. Of course, it does not last long enough for really disturbing people.

Otherwise, there is a song every five minutes but funny moments thanks to the awkward trolls and the snowman Olaf who is not aware that a snowman and summer sun does not give a good result. Olaf also has an off-the–wall humour and hilarious solo. The voices are also very well in French as in English, Idina Menzel, Broadway legend as Elsa.

Since I am 23 years old, Disney’s story is a dejà-vu thing. We know who is the villain, who will fall in love with who, who will survive and who will die… And yet, I was deeply wrong about the progress of this story (or I was still too naïve for my age). We certainly know which will be a couple of the story but we do not know who the “bad guy” is. We even come to think that there is no evil. Hello! There is ALWAYS a bad guy! But he does not always die.

 As these are the same designers for Tangled, humour is similar and feminism is also significant. Disney gets used to the new generation princesses who are not saved by princes. They today save themselves and the princes obey them! What a good reason to go and watch a Disney film again (except “Tangled” the other recent ones were not as good as before) it combines a classic and a modern storytelling.

Frozen is a nice film that you can watch with your family or your friends who are old or young.

Now here’s the quote from the movie that reflects the new wonderful world of Disney

“Let it go, can’t hold it back anymore”

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Final Note

Is it #DudeChick certified ?

We always like Disney movie.

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