Home from Tim Johnson

Home from Tim Johnson
April 6, 2015 Sandra Bugeon


A very energetic animation movie with touching characters!!

Home is a movie about a small alien OH (pronounced ohhhhhh of disappointment), from the Boovs but which is not very appreciated by his peers.

The Boovs settle on Earth in order to escape from their enemies, the Gorgs. But, now that they are safe on Earth, Oh is making a blunder obliging all his people to run away again. Tracked by them, Oh meets Tif, a little girl looking for her mom. Together, they will set off on an adventure and share a great friendship. They will figure it out why they were chased up and save the Boovs. Tif, always with her cat, will be the friend who shows Oh a new way of thinking.

A very nice animation movie! The producers of “the Croods”and “How To Train a Dragon” put together an original story, with adorable charaters, a cute and well brought up moral at the end.

You laugh, you’re having a good time, but you cry also (yes i did, I had my tearing moment…)

With various titles, you get quite original soundtracks. Obviously, when Rihanna gives her voice to the main character, it helps!

Indeed, you will be pleased to recognize famous voices, as it’s an inevitable habit of Dreamworks studio, with : Steve Martin, Jim Parsons (“The Big Bang Theory”) and Jennifer Lopez.

Is it #Dudechick certified?

Too adorable to be Dudechick?

#Dudechick, what’s that ? 

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How to recognize a Dreamworks’ movie at first glance ? 

With their watery eyes characters !




image source: Twenty Century Fox

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