The Limehouse Golem from Juan Carlos Medina

The Limehouse Golem from Juan Carlos Medina
September 2, 2017 Priscilla Ruffe

Based on the novel by Peter Ackroyd: Dan Leno and the Limehouse Golem, this film setting in the Victorian era, may surprise you and make you shiver.

Weird, gloomy, gothic, these are the words that come to my mind when I think of this film. The Limehouse Golem is a British horror film setting in the Victorian era and with an atmosphere in the style of Mary Shelley’s work to the point that you expect  Frankenstein  to come on screen or  Sir Arthur Conan Doyle’s  Sherlock Holmes to resolve a this Jack the Ripper case.

This is not only a horror film but also a case leading by the police.  The Inspector John Kildare (Bill Nighy) tries to find out who is the author of several slaughters that took place in the London District of Limehouse while proving Elizabeth Cree’s innocence (Olivia Cooke), accused of poisoning her husband.

Mixing current facts and flashbacks of  Elizabeth Cree’s story, the film managed to leave us to wonder: who is actually the Golem, the man responsible for all these crimes. Even if the story seems to give us only one murderer, the long list of suspects urges us to trace all the clues of the investigation in order to know whether the inspector is right or not.he film succeeds in surprising us when we think that the surprise has already happened.

The main actors Bill Nighy, Douglas Booth and Olivia Cooke play their role quite well. But I still give a special mention to Douglas Booth (seen in The Riot Club) whose character Dan Leno, a music hall owner, allows him to show his acting skills a little more than his usual roles.

The weakest part of the movie would probably be the soundtrack. This kind of film would have deserved a soundtrack a little heavier, a little more intense, to give more stress to the audience. Indeed, the soundtrack by Johan Söderqvist seems non-existent to me.

The Limehouse Golem is more of a police investigation than a horror film but you will still shiver at times.

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Final Note

Is it #DudeChick certified ?

With good actors and an era that we  like, this film’ atmosphere is so good, it could have been a Hammer production.

#Dudechick, what’s that ?


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