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The Circle from James Ponsoldt
July 23, 2017 Priscilla Ruffe

Based on the novel by Dave Eggers, “The Circle” goes round and round in circles and falls flat.

This is not the film of the year, this is not even the film of the summer. “The Circle” quite a simple film which deals with a very current topic: the overexposure of our private life on social media.

It may sound harsh, but I think this movie is useless. In the end, you just wonder: why this movie was made. Why did they waste their time? Why did Tom Hanks, Emma Watson, John Boyega and Karen Gillan accept to star in it. The cast is rather nice but this film does not allow them to deliver a good interpretation. Emma Watson is boring, John Boyega is nonexistent (I expected to see him much more) Karen Gillan disappears for almost the whole movie and Tom Hanks makes a bad villain.

“The Circle” feels so empty. There is no script, no consistency, no particular story to be told. The only message said is: “Be careful! What you put on social networks can be dangerous. Yes, thank you, we already knew that and the movie doesn’t even give a solution It seems like the director just wants you to watch the movie and tell you “Okay, now you deal with it. I’m done!”.

It is weird because we like his previous movie “The Spectacular Now with Miles Teller and Shailene Woodley, but here everything seems meaningless. It is impossible to feel empathy for the characters. The suspense, the morality and the plot are fake and quite unbearable. There was, however, a kind ambiguous romance between Mae Holland (played by Emma Watson) and Ty (John Boyega) and Mercer (Ellar Coltrane). But once again, nothing happens. It becomes frustrating especially when we finally realise that the trailer didn’t seem to tell the same story.

Anyway, if you want to spend a good time, “The Circle” is to avoid. If you want to have answers or solutions about the social networks narcissism phenomenon, you will hit a brick wall. What a shame.


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Final Note

Is it #DudeChick certified ?

It should have been 100% for the theme. But the script is really bad. You probably should read the book instead.

#Dudechick, what’s that ?


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