Cake from Daniel Barnz

Cake from Daniel Barnz
April 19, 2015 Laura Kressmann


Jennifer Aniston doing drama, this is not a sweet piece of cake!!! Nice job for the actress, doing quite ok in this genre but the screenplay and the story are THAT close to be ultra boring.

You won’t be surprised, if I tell you the movie is far from being funny: it’s actually about mourning & depression. And obviously Jennifer Anistion is taking the leading role of the film… wait, sounds weird right?

Actually, not that much, since the actress is very willing and deserves her moment at the height of her fame playing one being at the very bottom. Trully, this is a trend, each Hollywood actress has to sign for such role to gain more credibility in the business: Like Julianne Moore in “Alice”, Cate Blanchett “Blue Jasmine” and Charlize Theron “Young Adult” …. All this to better describe a sort of feminin pain of the 21st century perhaps?

So, you gladely see what the actress is capable of in terms of acting and drama, being quite cash in her performance and very efficient with her dark humor. Her chararcter, Claire, is the perfect bitchy Californian wasp dangerously cynical.

However, con’s are coming from the rythm, the screenplay and the story itself.

Regarding the rythm, this is so SLOW…. why? Because between being laid down in her car or totally spawled on her bed, quickly, you get caustrophobic & bored. All right, Claire is depressed, and then what?

Claire is suffering from a psychological & physical pain. Therefore, she spends most of her time, sighing, bending, grabing of everything because of pain. Every movement is suffering but it ends up parasitise the film. Could other scenes replace one of those painfull motions? Scenes that could have been more significant for the character evolution? I think so. Fortunately, other characters are coming by, and you tie to them so much as a very fresh air against  this oppressive slowness. Welcoming Chris Pratt’s appearance!!! He was my unique hope to shake up this insipid monotony… but nothing…

Back to the story then. Whether this duo could have been a nice moving & poignant match, it’s just about boring banalities. The story is not acheived, it comes up more like a pretext to bring you an end you expected at the very first place. Nonetheless, this type of duo can work together! Remember “Rust and Bone” from Jacques Audiard with Marion Cotillard & Matthias Schoenaerts. Meeting each other was quite improbable, but these 2 broken people helped each other, and you can find something interesting & beautifull in that.

To conclude, the story and the directing are super expectable but still, go watch this movie as it’s a significant move into Jennifer Aniston career evolution, and also for all the make-up she is able the wear on only to look natural…

Super mean! My bad…

Is it #Dudechick certified?

Only thanks to Chris Pratt, & honestly that’s easily given.

#Dudechick, what’s that ? 

We still don’t know why the film is called “Cake” ! Maybe it’s because Jen likes to bake cakes for Sam Worthington!

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