The Counsellor from Ridley Scott

The Counsellor from Ridley Scott
November 16, 2013 Priscilla Ruffe

The Counselor is a strange and metaphorical movie that you can either like it or not.

What can I say about The Counsellor. It’s a movie by Ridley Scott which deals with a counselor’s story (Michael Fassbender) who, at first, seems the perfect citizen, in love and about to get married. But he is going to reveal himself as corrupted, greedy, defending big drug dealers between the US and Mexico boundaries, and because of a bad choice coming from a good intention, this man will live a descent to hell.

This is a story about drug dealing covering cheap philosophy (there’s a lot of useless metaphoric lines) that won’t encourage you to go and visit Mexico. The Counsellor lasts less than two hours but its slow rhythm gives the impression that it is longer especially when you finally think dramatic tension coming but never does, misled by the soundtrack.

I won’t say that it is a bad movie, I’d rather say that it is not my “dope” which is really a shame considering the great cast (Fassbender, Cruz, Diaz, Bardem, Pitt). I actually kept on wondering why Pitt’s character was in the movie. It made me think about a subliminal one, some recreation for the audience from all the drug trafficking messiness. Thus, The Counsellor is a movie that remains insipid without beginning, middle or ending and which drug dealing/opulence/lust atmosphere leaves you nothing to worth remembering when it’s all over.

Here’s a funny pun delivered by Brad Pitt’s character that sums up the movie: “You know why Jesus wasn’t born in Mexico? Because He couldn’t find three wise men and a virgin!”

See how Mexico is considered a corruptible country. Jesus (Fassbender) can’t find a true Virgin (Cruz) and three wise people (Bardem, Pitt, Diaz) who could glorify him until the end of his life. Indeed, they will let him down or get killed…

No faith, No glory.

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Final Note

Is it #DudeChick certified ?

Despite the cast, it was really not my thing.

#Dudechick, what’s that ?


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