Blood Ties directed by Guillaume Canet

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I had the opportunity to watch the film first hand at the Premiere – last week and Guillaume Canet stated “if you do not like the movie by all means tell no one ” ( I actually just understood the reference to another film of his) .
Well, sorry I ‘m still going to talk about it …
The theme of the movie have been seen many times on screen: a New York family consisting  two brothers (one is a cop the other one mob) whose “blood ties” will be stronger than anything. This is a theme dear to James Gray co- screenwriter of the film and brilliant director of “The Yards ” .
The film was first seen at Cannes, critics did’nt like it so it has been edited again. He then suffered the same setback by the foreign press, particularly during his presentation in Toronto.
So it’s annoying because Guillaume Canet seems very nice and all and he made ​​several good films in the past but this one is the really really not good. Looks like a succession of image without any story to them, the screenplay is very predictable, it is very boring. Actors aren’t not able to save the movie; Zoe Saldana and Billy Crudup are not that bad but Clive Owen is very disappointing. The scenes are very short so unfavorable to occur any emotion whatsoever from the actor or the audience …
The soundtrack is ok though.
Thus, much ado about nothing for the American debut of Guillaume Canet …
(special mention for the almost ridiculous Italian accent of Marion Cotillard)
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