Gravity directed by Alfonso Cuaron

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After a tremendous success in the US, I’ve finally booked my ticket to see THE movie of this end of October. With such a context, I came with the promise of something big.
Big indeed, as showed by the length of the queue at the entrance of the theatre with all those people waiting with their big 3D glasses.
Big also, as I came out, I felt like I experienced something excitingly new and incredibly entertaining.
 With only 1h30, the movie is a total blow-minder. The images are just amazing and the scene shots are cleverly efficient. You haven’t felt being in the space like this before. But this movie is not only a space experience, the story itself is as simple as relevant. Based all along on the surviving instinct, Sandra Bullock with George Clooney bring us to this reality; the great paradox of how beautiful and threatening space could be.
 Actually, this movie gives all the meaning of using 3D. Thanks to clever processes and pure emotions, you get into the story so easily that you are not sure if it’s because you are amazed or scared at the same time. It always finds the perfect balance. For example, the soundtracks work perfectly with the tension nuances which makes appreciate every second of the movie. 
This is said, it’s also helped by a true performance Sandra Bullock delivers, I wasn’t expecting at the first place.
 You cannot be indifferent watching either this one life experience either this thoughtful idea that life has to be lived, no matter what.
 Isn’t what pure entertainment is meant for?
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