Foxcatcher from Bennett Miller

Foxcatcher from Bennett Miller
January 23, 2015 Sandra Bugeon
BATMAN ANGLAIS COULEUR 900x900 RATINGAn olympic champion, who doesn’t look very social, is contacted by a rich man obsessed with this sport, offering him and his brother, to set down in his domain to provide them everything they need to reach the top (team, gear, salary…).
FOXCATCHERMark, played by Channing Tatum (“Sexy Dance”, “21 Jump Street”) agrees and leaves his brother to join this megalomaniac billionaire played by Steve Carell (“The 40 Years-Old Virgin”, “Little Miss Sunshine”).From that time, you wonder where this new duo will go. They have two opposite personalities but cohabit, gathered by one common interest: wrestling. Is it really their only common point? What is John Du Pont’s goal for doing all this?
Thanks to the great actors’ performances (they both have roles far from what the actors are used to play), their relationship gets really creepy and embarassing. Mark, almost simple minded is completely manipulated by John and his fortune, and of course he is not the only one…
FOXCATCHERJohn seems to be deprived from emotion & easily manipulates Mark who is looking for appreciation in someone’s eyes, other his brother’s. Things will change when his brother Dave, also Olympic winner also moves in. This character played by Mark Ruffalo really amazed me. You are used to see him only in second roles, but this time he really makes a difference. His character is way more complex than the others and he did really well. I’d advise this movie only for the acting since the story is oppressive, gloomy, & slow.
Aficionada of family friendly & super-big-arms-hero-action movies. I know I'm a contradiction


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