Hitman – Agent 47 from Aleksander Bach

Hitman – Agent 47 from Aleksander Bach
September 5, 2015 Sandra Bugeon


Hitman Agent 47 adapted from the famous video game is an OK action movie !

HITMAN Agent 47 is an adaptation of the video game resulting on a quite well done action movie.

Agent 47, who should have first being played by Paul Walker, has been replaced by Rupert Friend, previously saw in the great ( and very violent) “Head against the Wall” and also in the famous TV show “Homeland” as Peter Quinn.

This contract killer has been genetically modified in order to be the perfect soldier, with a unique bar code tattoo on his neck. It reminds me of “Dark Angel” (a TV show by James Cameron) where the main character has the same tattoo & with her DNA modified as well.

By the way, another Agent 47 was released in 2007 without really being noticed.

His missions: eliminate his targets but this is not without suspense and tension!

Hannah Ware plays the pretty Katia Van Dees; actress you might have seen in Old Boy American remake). I have seen only the Corean that I highly recommend you!

She is chased around by John Smith (Zachary Quinto, the bad guy from Heroes & Star Trek). You have then as much of nice action and fights sequences as car chases.   

It’s a high speed movie, you can’t have a break!

However, there’s one drawback about the dialogues. Well, this is an action movie afterall. The last minute was also unnecessary!

One piece of advise: forget about the last scene at the end of the credits, it’s completely useless!

And what about the product placement! should we talk about it? Audio brand is everywhere! this is a nice car but enough is enough.

One last thing about the main plot of the movie, which is the love story; raising up the question: do fear & feelings are the pure essence of our humanity?

Don’t worry this looks a bit cheesy but you still get a lot from the movie.

Is it #DudeChick certified ?

#Dudechick, what’s that ? 

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