How To Train A Dragon 2 directed by Dean DeBlois

How To Train A Dragon 2 directed by Dean DeBlois
July 7, 2014 Laura Kressmann
Watch out! This is the second “How to Train A Dragon” film  which  introduced a world where Vikings & Dragons try to learn how to live together thanks to a young boy named Harold. A movie about tolerance, with so much kindness and self derision which only Dreamworks Studios detain the secret.
Indeed, you are relieved and enthusiastic to realize how successful is this sequel! Far from being a warned over story, not inspired, and without any interest ,  This sequel, is useful, smart and coherent that links what you liked in the first one and the new elements.
So you see again Harold and his dragon Toothless as a young assertive man, with friends and girlfriend. A teen movie? Perhaps… Maybe in the scene when the couple likes to imitate themselves when they are talking to their parents, is quite funny but also so realistic and actual. Are you still among Vikings at this ancestral time? Thanks to Dreamworks and 20th Century Fox, among Vikings from the 21st century.
Furthermore, the story is catchy and intelligent. Between the reunion with a too « eco-friendly » mom and an idealist leader as a dad, Harold  is looking for is own place as a pacifist, an adventurer and a singular a dragon trainer with his iron leg.
You rebound with the intelligence of the Studios which deliver a message from our reality and our time through a fantastic world.
Moreover, what is tremendously efficient in the movie is the dragon Toothless. As with “Stitch”, right ? Who can actually resist to his cuteness? How genius to make this dragon incredibly expressive thanks to its animation when it cannot say a word. The director Dean DeBlois ( also director of Lilo and Stich… what a coincidence!) did know how to use multi focus in one shot. Truly efficient for a comic of situation, when the young man and his friends are in the front of the camera, you can also see a dragon doing something else and that is most of the time funny. With the idea of several scenes into  one scene, the 3D reveals to be completely legitimate and gives the impression of space and dynamism for the audience.
Finally, the movie is also uses what worked with that is to say the music. With John Powell as a composer, the original soundtrack is excellent. John Powell, who works with the best like in the Studio Remote Control Production of the well-known Hans Zimmer, offers a musical theme which perfectly matches with the story. To illustrate, in one of the first flying scene through the clouds, John Powell has chosen the Scandi singer Jònsi to perform the song (see the video just below Where Nobody Goes).
In brief, we are rather enthusiastic for this sequel which deserves all your attention.
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