Dallas Buyers Club directed by Jean Marc Vallée

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With no surprise, I ended up putting a good grade for Jean-Marc Vallée movie. DALLAS BUYERS CLUB is the kind of movie you cannot stay indifferent after watching it. Therefore, it is a must see.
Indeed, this film is not only about AIDS but stays more focused on somebody who has his back to the wallSo, he has to struggle for his life trying to give a meaning to this fight. It affects his relatives, his social place, the American health care methods and his own self estime. Plus a slight scream for tolerance, it might be a very American hot topic in the first place but still has a huge echo in all modern societies. The film is cleverly raising up those problems without making a emblem of AIDS fight or the homosexual cause. This is about reality among imperfect people going through this modern and misunderstood bane in the 80’s. It’s actually showing up the disconcerting truth: how our society can display such dangerous obscurantism when money profits are involved. Of course, this « political and historical » part of the movie reminds us PHILADELPHIA (Jonathan Demme 1993) with Tom Hanks in the leading role even though, the story angle is completely different. The injustice feeling is more nuanced and you remain close to the characters. More accentuated in this movie, it stays far away from the trap where the suffering would be spilled over to reach out a too easy-win and over sentimental compassion.
The movie was shot within 25 days and with a low budget of $4 million.
To manage such challenge, the two men actors are totally astounding. Matthew McConaunghey as a miserable Texan Cow Boy and Jared Leto as a transvestite form an odd but moving partnership which is selling illicitly unauthorized medication. With their bluffing, not to say shocking (considering their weight losses), physical transformations and emotional demonstration, you can witness an interesting relationship based on two strong personalities which complement each otherThe most successful aspect of the movie is how these amazing performances are put on the screen with a beautiful decency and humility. It’s never outrageously using pathos and tears when the topic is largely tempting to do so. Not to say, there is no moralizing speech, only sharing and observe a deplorable situation. Running away from a simple Manichaeism, all characters are developed in a way they are ambivalent enough to be as realistic as memorable.
The director and the cast managed to lead through a true accuracy regarding the performances that put them on the top if not at the winning place of this year best performanceacademy award.
Therefore, it is not another movie about AIDS, an incurable plague putting the audience as the witness of a lethal fatalism. As a matter of fact, the time frame is at first extremely significant, since the main character life count down is revolting and shocking. Still, along the story, the time days by days looses is relevancy and becomes more in its totality a symbol of willingness to accomplish something meaningful. Thanks to Ron Woodroof, you explore a fighting spirit, accompanied with a misplaced pride and a manly Texan attitude that makes him as attractive as sometimes absurd almost pathetic. One of the biggest strength of the movie, is when it uses humour in slight and clever touches in order to deliver a nice humanity and purest emotions overall. You can imagine how the antinomic characters first meeting could suggest imaginative dialogues and an unexpected match. The same for an anti-system Texan put as a patient facing strict authorities and questionable hospital staff.
To conclude, this is the story of a man who struggles for himself first, but in the meantime finds a way to make others enjoy the opportunity. With nothing left to lose, he finds the best of himself without becoming the perfect SamaritanThere is nothing exceptional in his approachbut at the end his willingness and his fight become exceptional. Nobody is perfect! But everyone can do good.
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