Is Deadpool 2 better than the original movie?

Is Deadpool 2 better than the original movie?
May 25, 2018 Helene

I must say that I wasn’t overly enthusiastic to put on an effort to go and see this movie. I actually loved the first Deadpool movie but it might be this constant flow of new superheroes movies that put my motivation down. (It’s actually Priscilla who went to see the latest Avengers movie, I still haven’t).

Furthermore, I didn’t have much hope for Deadpool 2 as I thought it would be hard not to be redundant. Indeed, the screenplay of the first movie was very simple; it relied a lot on Deadpool’s subversive humor and the novelty of its tone. It was something different from the other superhero movies. But how to reproduce such success with a sequel with the surprise effect gone? You have to make something new while being true to the characters. Tricky business!

This film is directed by David Leitch who was mostly a stuntman until recently: he directed Atomic Blonde and he produced John Wick. This might explain why this movie has more action scenes than the first one. You can see that this sequel has a bigger budget. Deadpool 1 cost $58 million which is a “small” budget for a superhero movie (Deadpool even says that the studio didn’t have enough money to pay the cast of X-Men to be in the movie). Deadpool 2’s budget is much bigger – almost twice as much: $110 million- but Ryan Reynolds – who is also a producer of the film – and David Leitch didn’t want the franchise to become a huge production and lose its identity. In this movie there are more action scenes, more CGI, but not to the screenplay detriment.

Indeed, I still loved the pop references, the fourth wall humor (when the character in a movie speaks directly to the audience about the ongoing plot) which is still as provocative. This movie even manages to be deeper than the first one. You can notice themes you find in X-Men movies:  the importance of creating your own family, the will to believe in one’s kindness, and even the respect of human life (Deadpool is usually slicing in half his enemies!). The movie is sometimes even romantic! Who would have thought?

This sequel succeeds in transforming Deadpool into a real hero. Because he is going to pay for his unscrupulous methods and change them dramatically.

Thus, this film manages to make you accept a changed Deadpool while keeping the true nature of the character intact. He doesn’t become a goody goody like the superheroes he laughs at. You see a more vulnerable Deadpool but he also remains subversive. One of the strength is this film is to succeed in keeping a balance between his newfound conscious and his true personality. That is why to me the sequel is even better than the original movie.

Some people complained that some characters’ screen presence was greatly reduced like Negasonic Teenage Warhead. But others come to play like Cable. Josh Brolin delivers a great performance as a mercenary coming from the future. He is an excellent counterbalance to Deadpool’s exuberance without going into the brooding type cliché. He is also pretty funny.

The movie has a lot of cameos of famous people and sometimes it is pretty surprising. I was pretty pleased to see Eddie Marsan in this film which is quite unusual when you take a look at his career.

In this film, you see the beginning of the team led by Deadpool: X-Force which one of the most sold comics ever after… X-Men.

A movie will be made on X-Force which should be produced before the Fox and Disney (which owns Marvel as well) fusion is finalized. You can hope the movie will be in the same style as this one (the Deadpool movie being currently co-produced by Fox and Marvel Entertainment). Fox chose recently to go with another direction when producing their superhero movies and make them R rated. It was quite risky to do so since a big part of the audience for this genre is young. It enabled to make movies with more freedom in the narrative and make them different than the usual formula. Deadpool 1 was R rated as well as Logan. After the fusion is finalized though who knows what will become of that strategy? Will Disney let Fox produce some superhero movies that way or will they impose the Marvel way to the studio?

Lastly, let’s talk a bit about the soundtrack that I love and which play a big part in the film whether it’s for action scenes or humor purposes. From classics like “Take on me” by A-HA for irony, to a new Céline Dion song to do a parody of opening credits James Bond movies, to dubstep, to « Thunder » by ACDC, the soundtrack has a big part in the film.

There are no post-credits scenes but a lyrical song that might worth you wait a bit longer to hear it!

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