Everest : 7 good reasons to watch it

Everest : 7 good reasons to watch it
October 3, 2015 Helene

Reason n°1 :

Jake Gyllenhaal of course…

Reason n°2 :

To learn about a place you will never set foot in

Reason n°3 :

To suffer… But for your own good it feels so good right?

Reason n°4 :

To see Keira Knightley fat & ugly #jealousmuch

Reason n°5 :

To know about the director, the music composer, & the cast and show off at fancy dinners.

Reason n°6 :

Because if you don’t watch this movie, everyone will and will talk about it, then you will feel alone and stupid

Reason n°7 :

But above all, because : JAKE!!!!

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