Out of the Furnace directed by Scott Cooper

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Among all the oscar season, there is one movie you might have forgetten, wrongly. OUT OF FURNACE is the nice managed combinaison of efficient codes. Even though you get the main tone from the trailer before watching the whole movie, you can only admit it is well done with perfect acting performances and a promising directing. Indeed, Scott Cooper is a 43 years old director, one of whom were actors first but secretly has always wished to be behind the camera. When he did directed for the first time  (CRAZY HEART) in 2009, his work has been acknowledged with a Best Performance Oscar for his main actor Jeff Bridges.
Clearly, OUT OF THE FURNACE gathers many aspects that I particularly liked. This is the reason why I put a « good » grade with generally an enthusiastic review.
The first hit is the cast and the performances delivered from it. With Christian Bale in the leading role, all the actors help each other to give a great performance and so, a complex interest for each character. The second roles are as crucial as the others, Casey Affleck, Woody Harrelson, Sam Shepard, Willem Dafoe and Zoe Saldana,
all put a lot of strength in the story. With this said, the story is basically about a complex brotherhood in an ruined industrial american town. Without surprise, the duo Bale/ Affleck works particularly well which reminds me directly the David O. Russell movie FIGHTER 2010. Around a urban but poor town, two brothers try to help each others despite their profound differences. This time, Christian Bale or Russell, is the protective brother proving reliability and sacrifice. Thanks to this brother relationship, it gives not only a simple duality but also a true complicity and compassion for all. There is no good and bad brother, only individuals struggling for making something from their lives with their own backgrounds and devils.
This is when the second element plays a huge part. Under the theme of revenge and justice, the tension is managed around Bale and Harrelson, the true evil of the story. Here again, this face to face fight reaches immediately all my Western movies memories. Besides, this confrontation is on the peak of the estheticism on the very last scene. Without disclosing anymore details, I love this climax scene reminding me the one in HEAT 1995 from Michael Mann, when the cop Al Pacino is chasing up the bank robber Robert de Niro across the landing space of the airport under the sunrise light. Indeed, the moral message of the movie stays very open and the psychology of the characters reminds the essential part. Who is actually guilty? individuals or the society? Who is more rightful to implement justice? individuals or authorities? Those questions are raised up around the contrast of a pure Nature and a dying industry. People fight, while life goes on.
Life, here is the last aspect that makes me fond of the film. I mean, I understood it through the original score of the film. Dickon Hinchliffe is certainly a composer to follow. Thanks to the soundtracks, you have a great emotional dimension revealed for the main character, Russell, who keeps a lot for himself and is always at the limit to implose. Actually, when the director looked for the score he asked this simple question: What song would Russell listen to considering what he was going through? Then, he came out with “Release Me” from Eddie Vedder, which would correspond to his character state of mind. This is the coolest part of the score, Eddie Vedder actually re-recorded the song especially for the film. That makes the film even more enjoyable!
Of course, other elements are shakier but overall, the photography, the actors, and the story make you have a great and a valuable time at the theater. Many talented people to followed are here gathered. Not a surprise Leonardo DiCaprio and Ridley Scott agreed to produce the film.
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