Pixels from Chris Columbus

Pixels from Chris Columbus
July 31, 2015 Helene


The nerd movie of the summer directed by the great Chris Columbus with Adam Sandler producing is not a catastrophe nor a really funny movie…

Here’s a movie that we expected with both fear and excitement. We were excited because it was a movie dedicated to the nerds glory with a comical potential but we were afraid after watching the trailer with a not very subtle humor Ted 2 style.

Well it’s a weirdly mix of satisfaction and disappointement. The film does a lot of mainstream movie references including Harry Potter (Chris Columbus being the directof of the two first movies of the saga) and mocking others released recently like “Magic Mike” !

The cast is composed of Adam Sandler, also executive producer of this film, Michelle Monaghan seen recently in the great tv show “True Detective”, & two members of GOT : Sean Bean & Peter Dinklage who plays an excentric character (maybe a bit too caricatural & predictable to be really hilarious)
The screenplay is complete non sense (arcade video games from the 80s invade Earth, one of the nerds become President of the USA…). Well this off-the wall humor can please the audience but it’s not super funny either.

There’s a huge fan service or I should say “nerd service”. Every single scene is an ode to their genius. At least they identify the movie target audience pretty clearly. Not sure the nerds like the movie though. Since I play video games, I consider myself as a bit of a nerd, so I liked watching arcade games being played life-size but it gets a bit repetitive. It’s not really exciting in terms of dramatic tension…

To sum up, it’s fun, you laugh at times but that’s it. To watch if you don’t have something more exciting to do…

Is it #DudeChick certified ?

Video Games, cool movie references but it’s not enough to really dudechick

#Dudechick, what’s that ? 

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image source: Columbia Pictures

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