Divergent directed by Neil Burger

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The only question about this film is: is it a pale copy of Hunger Games or Twilight?

Well, it is…

Apart from the teenagers giggling next to me in the theatre, you realize very quickly that it is a movie for teens.

The themes speak to them immediately :

Where do I fit in? / I must fit into a category but no one works for me because I’m not “normal”/ I want or believe that I’m unique / I must emancipate from my parents / I fancy a guy but I ‘m afraid to make love with him.

It is the director of “Limitless ” and ” The illusionist” that took the challenge. He is a good director but how one can exists with a movie part of such a huge saga?

Shots from the beginning are very beautiful and could let us assume of a great directing, a certain realism and sobriety in the sets and scenery were also nice, only the film fails elsewhere …

Unfortunately the story is very predictable and even the great cast composed among others of the great Kate Winslet in the villain and the charismatic Shailene Woodley fail to get us embarked by this film.

The fact that those kinds of movies are trendy gets frankly boring and this movie was not convincing enough to see the following sequel (s).

To sum up, despite a rather attractive cast, this movie is nothing new.

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