Nebraska directed by Alexander Payne

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Here is a film not devoid of interest. With a difficult topic and a Black & White directing, you are quickly bring into a very authentic atmosphere. Dealing with father-and-son relationship in a context of senility, memory losses, and communication between generations, this movie will touch you according to your mood and life experience.
Of course, the rhythm has to adapt itself to this grumpy and a bit lost character. So either you accept it or you refute it.
Indeed, in order to well apprehend this movie in its whole, I think you had to first get into the topic of the film, not really appealing, which brings up difficult questions. How the nuclear family faces one of its member partial disconnection from reality? How it is affected when the father has to hand over and needs to be helped.
A movie which could be compared to the golden palm of Cannes Festival AMOUR 2012 from Haneke. But when AMOUR chooses a more dramatic tone behind closed doors, NEBRASKA exposes this topic in an more vivid, more organic and less intimate environment through the road trip genre.
Across majestic landscapes from the America heartland, you encounter contrasts: the youngest generation constraints against the oldest contemplation, the anticipation of projects against the memories commemoration, between what you think you know against what you actually experience.
So it’s a very ambitious movie which works. First, because of a nice complicity between the two actors Bruce Dern and Will Forte, you have a very spontaneous and subtil performances. Plus, choosing black & white editing provides a great photography, very detailed, impressing by its aestheticism. A sharpness and shots which have nothing to envy the best pictures.
To conclude, this is a very accurate movie with a visual experience which justifies all its prizes and nominations. Neither falling into an indiscreet voyeurism of the elderly nor into a family relationship dramatization, this is a movie with an authentic truth and a sensibility which touches everyone one of us but in its own way.
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