How to enjoy Suicide Squad from David Ayer

How to enjoy Suicide Squad from David Ayer
February 28, 2017 Helene

1. Forget the trailers

This film is the perfect example of a marketing operation gone wrong! If you watched only the last trailer you expect a fun, edgy action movie in the Deadpool vein without the meta jokes. Well, it’s not. There kinda cool characters especially Deadshot and as everyone knows Harley Quinn but that’s it. There are a few punchlines but those super crazy villains are actually kinda nice. Oh, the irony!

2.Expect No Joker

Oh yeah! For people who never read the Suicide Squad comics and are familiar with DC Comics through all the batman movies & animated series, you know that the Joker is THE villain! Again he is in the trailer and Viola Davis’ character is talking about forming the team of the “worst of the worst” so you think who’s worst that the Joker right? He is definitely the boss of this team or the main villain of the story! Well, he is not! And that’s how it is in the comic! Again, I don’t blame you for expecting him after seeing the trailer but nope! And let’s face it Jared Leto gives a fine interpretation of him but if I had to hear that laugh one more time !!!!

To sum up, no Joker ok? Just like 5 minutes because he is Harley’s lover and the story is mostly about her.

3. Expect No story

Okay, the story doesn’t make a lot of sense. To be fair the story in the superheroes movies are quite easy to understand: there’s a bad bad guy, the hero is gonna chase him and give him to the authorities or kill him if he is Deadpool. What’s annoying here is that the main villain is brought to you out of a “mistake” done by the puppet master, Amanda Waller who trusted some evil witch and shocker she went on doing some bad things! But in my personal opinion, Amanda is the true villain: she has no scruples, no emotions, kills people out of cold blood and basically down to anything to counter a potential threat. Yeah because the whole team is formed to combat something that doesn’t exist…yet. You guessed it, there’s no real story, nor dramatic tension nor logical behavior from the characters (well some of them are supposed to be totally crazy thus unpredictable!) but you can still enjoy following the team of “cool” weirdos and their punchlines saving the day.

4. Expect songs

If once again the trailer didn’t already give you a hint that the film is a succession of songs one after the other, you will suffer. Very iconic songs from the 70-80s and more “gangsta” ones like Eminem can be heard non-stop…It didn’t bother that much because I was warned. It could have been really annoying if it had taken me by surprise so here you go: expect A lot of songs! Even “Spirit in the sky” heard recently in Marvel’s Guardians of the Galaxy a direct competition to this movie.

5. Concentrate on Margot Robbie

Margot Robbie is one on the asset of this movie. Provocative, charming, witty, nice and evil, she has the best cut in this cast (Will Smith’s character is not too bad either). Basically, the jokes & the provocation kinda solely rely on her so just focus on her and forget about the other flat characters ^^

6. Expect Entertainment

The new Superman/Batman franchise is already super fragile, so if you’d expect that it would finally be the film that was going to reconcile you with Warner Bros than of course you’re gonna hate this movie. Because it’s no grand film.

Well, superheroes movies can be deep and raise some questions about the evolution of humanity, tolerance, brotherhood like the X-men movies for instance (NOT X-MEN 3 though) but here, they talk about their team as a family a bit too easily. Forget about this nonsense and basically concentrate on the entertainment: cool dudes having cool abilities and free spirits (okay psychos) giving it to some kind of humans turned supernatural zombies. No more than that.

 So if you follow my advice and expect basically nothing or at least not much, you will have a nice time watching Suicide Squad! I actually did seriously! But buckle up because number 2 is coming (did I intend this bad pun? maybe^^) and we definitely don’t expect too much from that!

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Final Note

Is it #DudeChick certified ?

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Did you know? Suicide Squad actually just won an oscar in the make-up department!

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